Supporting Our Medical Heroes Fighting the War Against COVID-19

Thousands of brave medical heroes are fighting in the global war against COVID-19. They desperately need our help, and we need to fight for them.

The True Hero Fund provides an efficient pipeline for your donations to go DIRECTLY to the heroic medical professionals on the frontlines risking their lives for us every day during this crisis.

Don't wait. Please donate today.

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Inside the Battlefield

What our medical heroes need

  • PPE

  • Medical Supplies

  • Food and drink

  • Financial Support

  • Child Care

  • Housing

  • Electronics

  • Family Support

Donations go Directly to medical professionals on the front lines.

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The True Hero Team in Action

We're in this together

If you don’t have the financial means to donate today, please take a moment to spread the word about the True Hero Fund by sharing these videos.